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ladytonks [userpic]
Happy Birthday, Dear Violet!!!

Here is a little Drabble for the lovely and talented violet451. I wanted to write you a little Snarky!Snape, but it just didn't turn out that way.  But, I hope you like it just the same and Happy Birthday!

Lingering longer than he knew he should, the spirit of Dumbledore sadly watched them battle: one barely a man; the other, more of a man than he ever realized. All because of a prophecy, about one and heard by the other. One scarred on the outside, the other, too many scars on the inside to count.

Albus felt more pain for the oldest of the pair. Bitterness and hatred had left an indelible mark on Severus. Taking a final look, the Headmaster departed, but not before hoping, one last time, that he had placed his trust in the right place.

Current Mood: sleepysleepy

Oh thank you! It's wonderful and angsty and dark (just right).
And I know it was hard for you to write for my variety of HP obsession! ;)

This wasn't really that hard. I was lying in bed wondering what I could write for you and Dumbledore just strolled in and told me...

Hope your day was everything that you wanted it to be!

one barely a man; the other, more of a man than he ever realized

God that gave me goosebumps. Such a small amount of words said so much. Beautiful.