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It has been, oh I don't know, 8 months or so since I last posted. Funny how time flies when you are not having fun. Or, when you start blogging on facebook and can't seem to stop.

My quick and dirty synopsis of HBP after seeing it 6 times (Twice in IMAX. Good God is 50 ft 3D Dan is awesome!  Pity Equus wasn't in IMAX...)

Ships - 5 out of 4 stars because Harry didn't break up with Ginny.  Yeah, we were robbed on the kiss and Ginny totally looked like the aggressor.  But, at least WB let them actually kiss! Ron's chapped lip comment was v,v funny. And, I've come to the conclusion that as long as we get H/G and R/H in the end, it's the best we can hope for.

Canon - 2 out of 4 stars - I think I recognized some of the sort of plot of kind of that book Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince.  I mean, they did mention Horcruxes, we met Slughorn and the AK was blue green which is sort of close to canon green, right?  Then there was the "I'm the Half Blood Prince. K, bye." And, do they pay Rupert by the word? I mean, not only was the ending lame (looked like left over GOF footage to me) Ron says nothing.  Ack!

Acting - 4 out of 4 - Loved Sluggy and Cormac was creeptastic.  And kudos to Tom Felton!  Dan, well, who can do those soul wrenching, angst-fest stares better? Emma didn't even get on my nerves.

Over all - 4 out of 4 because, well, damn, it's Harry Potter and all!  Plus, my fandom meet up was with my Bff 


  which totally rocked.

That's all for now. 

Huggles not Muggles,


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Between the Muggle job, being sick a few times, computer woes and the holidays, I haven't been on LJ in like forever.  I have a little bit of my November trip to NYC to post.  Warning, it isn't much and not my best writing effort, but I want to have it documented.


Random Musings...Collapse )

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Sorry it took me so long to continue, because I know you were on pins and needles for my next installment * insert eye roll emoticon *.


Let me get the bit about the bits over with. Dan’s bits: he has them, all of the necessary ones in the proper places. If you want to see bits in general, Google them up. If you want to see Dan’s bits in specific, go see Equus.



They Saved the Best for LastCollapse )

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It seems this is going to about 6 parts.  As per usual, ignore at will...

Those seats in the theater are snug. I mean really snug. People 100 years ago must have been minuscule. I am not a tiny girl, a nice, sturdy size 12ish. Ok, my jeans are a size 14. Happy now? But I am only 5’2” tall and I had just enough legroom.



My Little Pony...Collapse )

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Wow.  I am still only in Act one.  This is going to take longer than I thought.



The Story Continues...Collapse )

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Just an FYI before we get started.  The reason I call redhot_witch Deb and browneydweasley the doctor is because Deb has her name in her LJ profile and the doctor does not. 



The Play's the ThingCollapse )

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OK, I think I can begin to put my NY experience in words over a period of days.  I don't want to forget a thing so some of the minutia is not Equus related.  I will be dusting off my copy of the play to help me along. So clicky if you want to, skim for the goodness and ignore the rest at will. Warning: no real Equus in this first post as I am setting the stage, pun intended.

A Recovering Neurotic takes ManhattanCollapse )

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OK.  Equus. Was. Fucking. Amazing.

That is all until I process a little more.

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This time tomorrow, my sister and I will be in NY with browneydweasley and redhot_witch  and on Saturday we are going to the 2PM Equus Matinee.

I have never been to Broadway, to NY, on a subway, in a cab, in the same room as Dan Radcliffe!


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My gracious congratulations to those of you (which I think is about 99% of the Americans on my flist) who supported Obama.  Nice job.

Of course, I am sad this morning, so allow me the little indulgence of letting The Who express my feelings...

On the plus side, my muse woke me up at 3 am to give me some stellar plot ideas for an original novel.

We Won't Get Fooled Again...Collapse )

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